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Terpstra Keyboard WebApp — 31 tone tuning with notation


”A MICROTONAL KEYBOARD WEBAPP” is the title of a (temporarily offline) blog post by James Fenn, the developer of this awesome tool. The short presentation goes like this:

So I could have a microtonal keyboard I could play anywhere, I made a hex keyboard html5 webapp that takes scala files.

All settings are saved in the URL so you can bookmark your favorite tunings and share them easily. If you don’t have a touchscreen, use the spacebar as a sustain pedal.

It requires the use of an up-to-date browser! Confirmed working on the latest chrome, firefox and mobile safari.

Click here for some microtones!

Make sure to hold your pointing device over the link until you can read the original tooltip. Now press it and enjoy your virtual Terpstra Keyboard!

Note: Scala tuning files refer to tuning files of Scala software. The “Donate” button inside the app is the original, and sends all funds to James. If you’re interested in supporting us / investing in the Terpstra Keyboard, contact us.