Einklang is giving it all!


Team Eisenberg, developers of the Einklang Synth which was on sale on the Terpstra funding campaign, are rewarding the contributors who went for the Terpstra+Einklang bundle with upgrading licenses for their standard and premium tone packs!


Einklang Extended

Einklang Extended comes with the Red, Green and Blue Tone Packs, plus the premium White and Black Tone Packs, to add a whole new range of tone colours, at a special 70% discount for the Terpstra backers. Some of these Tone Packs were not yet released when our funding campaign started, and came as a bonus on top of the already discounted Einklang.

Thank you Team Eisenberg for your generous gifts! We look forward to seeing the Terpstra version of Einklang, and hope that this unique project will come to fruition.